Pinnacle Sports Review

In the bookmaking world, Pinnacle Sports is legendary. They offer the sharpest odds and
the largest betting limits in the world. They’re also the biggest bookmaker in the world and take more volume than any other bookmaker around, which, in turn, allows them to operate using extremely low margins. Pinnacle is sports betting heaven to any bettor who understands the value of line shopping and reduced juice.

They’re also one of the pioneers of reduced juice betting markets, which is the biggest reason for their extreme rise in online betting markets. They’ve been around since the late 90s and rose from a small shop in Curacao to one of the leaders in the industry.

What Pinnacle has to Offer

This company offers a live casino and a full-service online casino, in addition to sports betting options. Really, their reputation speaks for itself. They’re not only the world leader in the sports betting industry, but they also have a flawless payout and withdrawal record.

Pinnacle takes on a massive amount of betting action, allowing them to lock in profit, even when they’re taking bets from some of the sharpest players in the world.

Even people who can’t bet at Pinnacle, such as residents of the US can still benefit by looking at the odds on Pinnacle.

This company is also very innovative, as they’re eager to offer odds on sports that many other sportsbooks haven’t adopted yet. They were actually one of the first sportsbooks to offer odds on Esports.

Additionally, like other sportsbooks, they’re willing and eager to share information. They feature a section of betting articles on their site. Unlike their competitors, their content is truly valuable and their articles are definitely worth the read.

Their place at the top of the betting market makes them an excellent choice for bettors who understand sports betting and line shopping, however, it’s important to understand that their odds are still extremely sharp. With nearly endless action and massive betting limits, Pinnacle can’t really afford to make a mistake with their lines. Basically, they’re not easy to beat. They don’t shade their lines towards public betting action.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Using This Service?

Drawbacks to Using This Service

If there’s one negative about this sportsbook we found, it’s that they don’t offer a bonus.

Another area that we thought was a little weak is the variety of markets. They offer all the usual markets for pretty much every sport, such as teasers and parlays, but when it comes to exotics and props they tend to fail in some spots.

As an example, they no longer offer NFL player propositions. If you’re looking for lots of variety and sheer volume with betting markets, Pinnacle won’t be your top choice.

Site Highlights

This sportsbook utilizes an ASI software platform for the betting interface. While many sites also use this software, Pinnacle has made so many enhancements that their interface is far superior to any other sportsbook you’ll find. It’s probably the easiest to use sportsbook site you’ll come across.

They offer a wide range of live betting options. While there isn’t a ton of betting markets totals and sides, Pinnacle does a great job of providing in-play betting odds for pretty much any sport where they have pre-match odds. Their live betting interface is also simple and easy to use.

Waging Limits

They offer betting limits that are the highest in the world and have even accepted wagers in the millions on major events such as the World Cup. They have no collar on their markets, which means there are no max wagers on most markets. Pinnacle’s huge betting limits are a major reason why they might be the best and safest sportsbook around.

Customer Service

Shockingly enough, Pinnacle offers online email support, which seems strange for a sportsbook of their size. Emails to the customer service team are answered promptly, usually within less than an hour. Unfortunately, Pinnacle doesn’t offer a live chat or telephone option.

Cashier Options

Currently, Pinnacle accepts two dozen currencies, including US dollars. The cashier options tend to vary depending on where the bettor is located, but there are more than enough options to satisfy most bettors.

MasterCard and Visa allow bettors to make a deposit instantly using their debit or credit card. However, compared to other options, the max amount a player can deposit using this option is pretty small.

Most bettors tend to use e-wallets if they want to deposit thousands of dollars. Currently, Pinnacle will accept up to fifty thousand dollars via Neteller per transaction.

The Paysafecard is another commonly used method, however, it comes with a fee for depositing. All transactions made using this method come with a three percent fee on the deposit amount, so we don’t recommend using this option.

When it comes to making a withdrawal, almost every deposit option is available. Methods and fees will vary by country. Most of these methods do not charge a withdrawal fee, but depending on the currency, there may be a small fee required. As an example, almost all USD withdrawals are free but a Pound Sterling payout will cost around eight pounds regardless of the withdrawal amount.

Bank wires have no max or minimum withdrawal amount. They’re also processed in less than twenty-four hours, which is pretty impressive.

Final Thoughts on Pinnacle

Pinnacle isn’t just the biggest bookmaker that takes massive wagers. They’re actually responsible for shaping worldwide betting markets. If they move their odds, the market will follow. They truly are the sharpest sportsbook in the world. A bettor can save a lot by wagering their reduced lines, but Pinnacle definitely isn’t easy to beat because their markets are so efficient. However, if you do end up winning with Pinnacle, you won’t be banned or limited.

When it comes to the safety of funds and security, you won’t find a better sportsbook than Pinnacle. They treat their bettors with the utmost respect, have never failed to pay a player, have never slow paid a player, and they usually process their payouts faster than most of their competitors. In you live in a country that allows you to use Pinnacle, we highly recommend giving them a shot, just keep in mind that they’re a tough opponent.